August Wellness Challenge –

Dear Friends!!!

The success I’ve had with the April, May, June and July wellness challenges has been incredible.   As a Holistic Health Nutritionist, Health Coach and Personal Trainer I use healthy eating a the foundation for fat loss, in a specifically designed format.  This format includes

Don't buy into fads, learn how to become a healthier you for the rest of your life!
Don’t buy into fads, learn how to become a healthier you for the rest of your life!
  • 24 hour Metabolic Jump Start
  • 5-7 Day Sugar Detox
  • Healthy Eating Plan
  • Metabolic Reset

I do encourage people to try certain vitamins, fiber, pro-biotics but do not use meal replacement, severe calorie restrictions or fasting.  Real whole foods are incorporated into meal plans.  The success of the groups have proved that fat loss can come quick as soon as you change your thinking about nutrition.  Partner with me to learn how nutrition is the number one factor in healthy fat loss and commit 100% to getting healthy!  In the first month there was a 5 – 15 lb weight loss in the groups and not everyone was able to exercise.

It is important to note that many of the participants have “TRIED EVERYTHING” on the market with limited to no success.   If you are in need a wellness reset please contact me for the August group.  Great incentives (free vitamins $79.00 value) for people who sign up before end of July.

I manage it through a private Facebook group, limited to 10 – 15 people so that I can give everyone the attention they personally need.  The coaching fee is $100.00 for 8 weeks!!!  Summer doesn’t mean it is over, you can still lose weight in a healthy, affordable way and in turn reclaim your health long term.  Please email for enrollment information.

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