What is Corporate Wellness?

What is Wellness? There are many definitions of wellness but at HGHL wellness is not merely the absence of disease but an active process of becoming aware of making healthier choices toward maximizing an individual’s potential of achieving a state of optimal well-being. HGHL’s wellness programs are designed to integrate nutrition, fitness, stress management and work/life balance.1 Though each client program is unique, these are some of our most popular wellness programs:

• Nutrition & Weight Management Programs

• One On One Health Coaching

• Fitness Workshops, Group Fitness Classes

• Interactive Workshops & Webinars

• Organic Cooking Demonstrations & Classes

• Corporate Wellness Seminars

• Health Management Coaching & Consulting

• Health Risk Assessments & Wellness Questionnaires

• Wellness Video Blogs

• Team-based Health & Fitness Challenges

Be The Best Version of You!