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Elizabeth GymMy name is Elizabeth Stanley and I am a holistic nutritionist / health coach and creator of Healthy Girl Holistic Lifestyle. My desire to help others coupled with my personal health concerns drove me to where I am. I have Celiac disease, Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thryroiditis. It took me many years to get diagnosed. Over the last 8 years, I have used nutrition and exercise to reverse a lot of the effects of these conditions. Having health concerns, going through a major life change and being responsible for two young children, I understand how hard it can be to overcome obstacles. I believe that fad diets and other extreme methods don’t provide sustainable results. I believe in a healthy relationship with food and exercise is the key to overall health and fitness. I believe in being the best possible version of ourselves, beauty and personal fitness come in all shapes & sizes. With that being said, all people should try and improve their general fitness by being more active. This doesn’t mean going to the gym or taking part in intense workouts, it could just simply be walking or cycling. Whilst doing these exercises, it might be worth getting some activewear for comfort. Target has a good range of activewear, and people can always use a target promo code at the checkout to try and get some money off. Hopefully, this will help more people to improve their fitness and become healthier.

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