Private Coaching

The Private Coaching Program is the most immersive option and will provide you with a complete mind, body and spiritual journey to wellness:

  • Meal Planning
  • Fitness Plan
  • Personal Coaching (Emotional, Encouragement and Empowerment)
  • Daily convenience communication
  • Weekly Goal Planning and Accountability

This is not a traditional weight loss program, but rather a holistic approach and program that provides a blueprint design to help you make sustainable changes and attain your nutritional and fitness goals.

The program is designed to help you change things for life because you are learning to manage things the right way rather.

healthy living concept hand drawing on blackboard
healthy living concept hand drawing on blackboard

Program Details:

  1.  Health History Evaluation
  2. Metabolic Reset Plan
  3. Sugar Detox
  4. Healthy Eating Plan
  5. Fitness Evaluation
  6. Exercise Plan
  7. Continual Support
  8. Goal Management




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