Wellness Partners

Linda Storm: Elizbaeth And Linda Gym 2

Linda is a Yoga Instructor, A Health Coach, A Grief Counselor and with her Nutritional training she provides healthy cooking classes.   Her wellness lifestyle guides many and has had tremendous success with her 10 Day Detox.  Read More…  


Kathy May:Healing Circle

After a twenty year career in the Airline Industry Kathy found her self trying to determine how she could follow her passion to help others.   Her experiences with a major life change and her passion for wellness have found a common path on the team here at Healthy Girl.  Read More…



Joy Murphy:

Joy has been through an almost 20 year journey dealing with many difficult health conditions.  After years of searching for answers she has finally been able to link things back to Lyme.   Constantly educating herself and developing answers when the medical field was giving her none has made one of the most knowledgable self taught people on the subject.  Joy has partnered with Healthy Girl to help others with solutions to this widely misunderstood disease and to help others not have to go through what she has.  Read More…Joy Timeline






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